We thank our volunteers for bringing the Power each and every day to the City of Nanaimo.

Please read a submission by one of our own, Wes Lazaroff, on his thoughts about volunteering.

So many sit back, watch and talk of what should be done,
Thinking the problems are oh so big for just one.

One is only, but one plus one is two,
If more people thought like this there would be quite a few.

A beach is made of many single grains of sand,
Without the many drops an ocean would not be so grand.

As anything, it starts with one person taking that first step,
It may feel little, but others you may soon collect.

It could be feeding the hungry, giving a bit of joy or helping people feel more safe,
As people come together in a cause a community of volunteers they make.

This community can make a difference, sometimes known, sometimes not,
It does not matter which, as getting recognition is not the plot.

Doing a small thing adds to a size we may never know,
However the people that are helped will continue to grow.

Therefore, the value of one leads to the power of many,
So take that first step, so many choices…..choose any.

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