Volunteer Activities

Volunteers can participate in a variety of activities during their 4 hour shift.  Crime reduction and prevention activities include but are not limited to:

  • SPEED WATCH – this is an ICBC sponsored educational program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding.  This program not only provides awareness to drivers who are speeding, but it also provides valuable data to the RCMP and ICBC on areas where speeding is a significant problem.  Using portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board, volunteers monitor speeds in school and playground zones and high crash zones.  Volunteer record the speed of vehicles and forward these reports to police and ICBC.  Areas with high incidents of speeding will be considered for future RCMP enforcement.
  • DISTRACTED DRIVING SURVEYS & OBSTACLE COURSE – the purpose of this activity is to gather statistics on incidents of drivers texting or talking on electronic devices.  The purpose of the obstacle course is to provide a practical experience for new or experienced drivers to gain a better understanding go how operating an electronic device can affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS – Volunteers may be called upon to provide support at community events on behalf of the RCMP.  Duties could include: staffing an information booth, bike or scooter safety events, distributing crime prevention informational brochures to the public.
  • BIKE REGISTRATION STATIONS – Volunteers set up registration stations in partnership with local bike shops, VIU, and NRGH to register identifying features of owners bikes using the Project 529 Garage application.
  • VEHICLE PATROL Crime Watch – Working in teams and operating a Community Policing marked vehicle, volunteers drive through local neighbourhoods and business sectors serving as a crime deterrent and operating as extra ‘eyes and ears’ for the RCMP, reporting all suspicious, criminal and nuisance behaviour observed. They also have the ability to query licence plates in search of stolen vehicles.
  • AUTO CRIME PREVENTION- Volunteers patrol through city parking lots looking for stolen vehicles and for vehicles that are unsecured or have visible valuables in place prime for theft. They complete a service brochure as a means to inform the owner of the vehicle to be more aware of being a victim of theft.
  • Any other initiatives or activities as directed by the Community Policing Coordinator and the RCMP.